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The Bucher Regenerative Air Street Sweeper balances performance, environmental impact and low cost of ownership very effectively. Designed to last in the toughest environments, the R Range hopper is constructed of stainless steel.

The MaxPowa R65m provides cost effective, efficient road sweeping. Regenerative air circulation allows for large forward facing digger gutter brooms and a full width suction to maximize sweeping speed.

Combined with ergonomic operator controls and low running costs, the MaxPowa R65m provides an ideal solution to long low cambered roads and urban environments.

The MaxPowa R65m has an energy-efficient fan system with a fluid coupler set-up gearbox transmission. It’s 12′ (3650 mm) sweep path and aggressive 43″ (1100 mm) leading arm digger-type gutter brooms provide the operator the ability to sweep/scrub in front of the 92.5” (2350 mm) pick-up hood.

DUST SUPPRESSION SYSTEM – The MaxPowa R65m features a dust suppression system using an array of water sprays located in the suction tube, internal body screen ductwork prior to fan entry, around the pick-up hood, and the gutter brooms.

PIC-UP-HOOD – 93″ (2350 mm) full-width low-noise pick-up hood spring-suspended with skids with 14″ (350 mm) diameter suction and pressure hoses. In-cab variable control vacuum enhancer. 144” (3650 mm) sweep path with 2 gutter brooms.

CONTROLS – In-cab integrated 7” CAN bus screen allowing data capture, on-board diagnostics, and in-cab daily checks. Includes audible and visual warning for hopper raised, fuel gauge, low-level lost water, engine tachograph meter, and more.

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM – All internal and external wiring conforms to IP65 and IP67 standards-waterproof and dustproof. 12v system is integrated with the truck chassis for easy troubleshooting. Electric over the hydraulic backup system.

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