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Coined as The Bulldozer of Sweepers, the MaxPowa E35m offers a proven Single Engine Design that blends a superior collection of features that provides ownership advantages such as the tightest turning radius in the industry and a Stainless-Steel Hopper with a Lifetime Warranty.

The E35m features a 20-gallon hydraulic reservoir supplying oil to a variable displacement hydraulic pump in a load sensing hydraulic system. This system will adjust flow based on hydraulic demand from the sweeping gear to maximize efficiency and reduce heat.

The MaxPowa E35m has a 3050mm (120”) sweep path with an optional extended reach of 3650mm (144″).

Operators experience faster sweeping and loading with the equal width pickup broom and 12 flight elevators, along with the aggressive “unhandled” 1,100mm (44”) leading arm/digger type gutter brooms.

COMMERCIAL CHASSIS / SINGLE ENGINE – The MaxPowa E35m’s elegance is in its simplicity. Engineered for easy maintenance and fuel efficiency, that’s the single-engine advantage.

HOPPER DUMP HEIGHT – Lift capacity is rated at 12,000 LB and hopper dump angle is 54° including 42” chute for better reach and efficient off-loading of debris.

DUST CONTROL – 360-gallon baffled polyethylene water tank. Provides the necessary water to supply a direct-coupled hydraulic-driven twin diaphragm pump delivery water to multiple water spray nozzles, strategically located at each gutter broom and front bumper.

INCREMENTAL/CONTROLS – The easy sweep mechanical sweeper features all the necessary warning lamps and buzzers. All wiring is color coded and numbered. All internal and external wiring conforms to IP65 and IP67 standards – waterproof and dustproof.

GUTTER BROOMS – Large 44” hydraulic-driven, leading arm, digger-type, free floating gutter brooms with in-cab adjustable speed and down pressure to ensure aggressive cleaning of curbs and gutters.

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