Financing Options

Based on our customers’ short and long-term needs, we will work together to design a strategic procurement and asset management plan specific to your business.

We’re here to make procurement easy and flexible to get you what you need most.

Short Term Rentals and Long-Term Leases:

With Fortbrand’s two-tier approach to rental and leasing, you design the plan the works for you.

  1. Let us know your immediate and future needs.
  2. We’ll work together to create a plan that works for you.

Our robust rental and leasing program is available across North America for all equipment in our catalog – new and used. If you don’t see the equipment you need, let us know, we’ll work on your behalf to acquire it.

With flexible terms, our rental and leasing programs are here to assist when you need it, without stress.

Remember: Our equipment is on standby for weather emergencies around North America. When faced with a weather event, make your first call be to Fortbrand.

Fortbrand’s Sale/Lease Back Program:

Our Sales/Lease Back Program enables you to leverage your greatest assets in times of financial need and free-up capital by retaining the equipment you need and use. With our cash purchase, you can better your business without accruing debt. We buy your existing equipment and lease it back to you with flexible terms. You retain the equipment that you need and use while benefiting from the cash purchase to use to better your business without accruing debt. The list of benefits to a lease/buy back program are extensive:

  • Fortbrand provides the routine maintenance and technical services required, removing the responsibility from our leasees. As a lessee, they could enjoy the financial freedom of routine maintenance and technical servicing provided to them by Fortbrand.
  • Upon the end of their lease terms, our customers are offered the opportunity to extend their contracts for another term or upgrade their equipment to the latest technology available.

During the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic our Lease/Buy Back Program was able to issue a $4,000,000 program where Fortbrand bought back 16 deicers, leasing them back and providing to them the liquid capital within four weeks.

Even small and mid-size airports have been taking advantage of our program to make improvements to facilities, increase their fleets, and implement eco-friendly technology.


Aside from providing a fleet of top-quality new and used equipment, Fortbrand offers the convenience of consolidating procurement needs with a single supplier. With our direct access to manufacturers, we’re able to provide highly competitive pricing and the most advanced technology available to both our GSE and AME customers.

Fortbrand has been awarded the privileged opportunity to be an ‘Approved Vendor’ for multiple Cooperative Purchasing programs across the country. These approved contracts enable us to provide the best equipment available at a fixed price to airports and municipalities from Alaska to Florida and everywhere in between.


Fortbrand offers in-house financing. Without having to integrate third-party financing options, we’re able to work directly with the needs of our customers in way that few companies can. Whether their needs are large or small, we finance all levels of transactions.


Technology is changing at a rapid pace. At Fortbrand, we want to ensure that our customers are equipped with the best that the industry has to offer. Both GSE and AME customers benefit from our simple process of trading in their older equipment towards the lease or purchase of new equipment.


Our experts will provide fast, concise analysis enabling our customers to ascertain current market values. We also provide equipment valuations for financial institutions.