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CityCat V20e

The CityCat V20e is Bucher’s new all-electric sweeper. Usable around the clock, the second-generation electric-powered sweeper with 2.3-ton payload and 5.3-ton gross weight, delivers an outstanding load capacity for outstanding sweep performance while being respectful to its surroundings.

The CityCat V20e is equipped with a custom-designed 63 kWh Bucher Battery Pack that has the capacity to last a full 8-hour shift. This is proven technology with minimal harm to the environment while providing all the power needed.

The 22-kW on-board charger means that batteries can be recharged in just two to three hours at any public car-charging station.

ARTICULATED STEERING – An advantage of articulated steering is increased maneuverability. With this system, the suction intake always faces in the direction of travel, giving a clean sweep without leaving unsightly dirt streaks behind. The rear of the sweeper follows the exact path of the front, letting the driver concentrate on the task ahead.

SWEEPING – Wide in diameter to pick up large items, and with a more efficient, energy-optimized fan, the floating suction intake with its patented mounting mechanism ensures maximum air velocity for perfect sweeping results, no matter how uneven the surface.

HOPPER – The newly designed large 2.6 yd³ (2 m³) hopper is made of 1.4003 stainless steel to last the life of the sweeper. The large and easy to clean filter screen ensures high air velocity even in leaf season by preventing premature clogging.

SMART-CON – The CityCat V20 offers intuitive and ergonomic operation of the sweeper via the Smart-Con multifunctional armrest paired with the Smart-Con 4.3-inch display.

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