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CityCat 5006

The CityCat 5006 pure vacuum compact sweeper represents a milestone for compact sweepers. The whole package sets standards for performance and range with its high suction power, large hopper and a huge water storage capacity.

With its powerful 118 kW diesel engine with AdBlue additive and exhaust gas after-treatment system, the CityCat 5006 compact sweeper fulfills the stringent requirements of the Iveco NEF Tier 4 Final emission standard.

This machine offers operators great driving and user comfort. The large cab, which can be fitted with three seats on request, has generous windows which offer a good view ahead and of the side brushes.

All the controls for work functions – including the joysticks for the front and side brushes – are to the right of the driver’s seat and can be reached with one hand.

MANEUVERABILITY – The compact outer dimensions, as well as the four-wheel steering that can be turned on and off, give the vehicle maximum maneuverability and ensure perfect directional stability and safety for everyday work.

SWEEPING – Variable positioning of the entire sweeping and suction nozzle unit to either side provides the optimum coverage. The unit is protected from impact damage as it retracts when an obstacle is encountered.

HOPPER – The CityCat 5006 has a Hopper capacity of 7.3 yd³ (5.6 m³) and a payload of 11023 lbs. (5000 kg). Raising the hopper with the option of the high dump feature allows the debris to be tipped into large containers, skips, or directly into refuse collection vehicles. This drastically increases efficiency.

EASYCLEAN SYSTEM – Simple to activate by the operator, EasyClean is a self-cleaning system. The blower, filter screen, dirty water tank, sidewalls, and other difficult to reach pockets of dirt are then sprayed by the cleaning nozzles. The machine is cleaned within a couple of minutes.

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