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Beam A9000 Glycol Recovery Vehicle

A9000 Glycol Recovery Vehicle

The Bucher Municipal A9000 Airport Glycol Recovery Vehicles (GRV) are designed to be the most efficient glycol recovery vehicles via the use of the most powerful vacuum system
available today.

In addition, the Beam line of GRV’s offer a larger collection capacity than any other GRV on the market, providing the user with greater productivity and is the only GRV available with a heated hopper.

With the addition of some of the many options available, the Beam Glycol Recovery Vehicles can perform tasks that provide a user with a much wider spectrum of versatility. Beam units enable a user to more effectively utilize its human resources by allowing one operator to perform the following functions throughout the year:

  • Glycol recovery
  • Fuel spill recovery
  • Sand removal
  • Catch basin cleaning
  • FOD removal
  • Fuel hydrant cleaning
  • Street sweeping
  • Hydro vac excavation
  • 9, 12, or 14m³ hoppers
  • Additional water tanks
    – Internal (hopper) 600 & 1000 litres
    – External (between cab & hopper) 1100, 1500, 2000 litres
  • 3rd brush for additional scrubbing
  • Side blast nozzles
  • Rear mounted rotor cleaning system for superior cleaning performance with lower water consumption
  • High pressure systems up to 600 bar
  • Front mounted magnetic bar

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