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The Bucher V65, Pure Vacuum Street Sweeper has been developed from over 50 years of continuous improvement to meet customer requirements.

Machines tailored for airport operations, we offer a wide choice of products and options, which ensure maximum performance is always achieved.

The MaxPowa V65 has been developed to provide longer on-station/worksite time with the lowest environmental impact, combined with ease of use and low operational costs.

The highly visible, self-engaging body prop provides the operator and service personnel with a safe working environment.

HOPPER – The MaxPowa V65 hopper is manufactured from 1.4003 stainless steel, shot blasted with aluminum oxide prior to the application of a strontium-based primer followed by a hard-wearing top coat.

CANbus SYSTEM – The CANbus system monitors sweeper performance and provides daily checks. The display incorporates as standard an audible and visual raised hopper warning, fuel gauge, engine hour meter, tachometer and a water level gauge.

OPERATOR EXPERIENCE – The ergonomic door controller can be used for all sweeping operations, brush position, pressure, speed, nozzle aperture, engine revs, and water jets. A heavy-duty pause button allows the operator to lift all the sweep gear until depressed again.

SWEPT WIDTH – The MaxPowa V65 offers up to 141 inches swept width with the simultaneous sweep option (for dual sweep machines only), set almost flat makes short work of light application surface cleaning.

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