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image of the Vammas PSB 5500 Snow Plow

Vammas PSB 5500

Manufactured in the United States

The Vammas 3-in-1 Plow Sweeper Blower 5500 offers a high capacity, multi-tasking design that is well established at North American and European airports.

All Vammas PSB units are manufactured to the highest standards of quality for operator ergonomics, safety and reliability. The superior ergonomics include 360 degree visibility, single joystick operation, air ride suspension and heated seats and windows, providing optimum operator comfort for the demanding work required.

Vammas PSB 5500 units have combined front wheel and rear articulated steering, to effectively maneuver on airport taxiways, aprons and runways. With the capability of operating at 37MPH (60 KM/H), the PSB 5500 minimizes runway occupancy times and keeps your airfield open longer.

PLOW – innovative 30ft self-adjusting, polyethylene moldboard plow, with independent spring-loaded cutting edge segments to maintain maximum contact area. The largest plow in the industry!

BROOM – 22ft, 46 inch diameter wafer system provides increased performance and flexibility to use steel or polypropylene wafers. Large broom castor wheels are designed specifically for high-speed applications. The broom can be stowed in the transport position, allowing for easy storage in any maintenance facility.

BLOWER – air blast at the rear of the unit removes any remaining snow remnants from the

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