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The VAMMAS P-series plows offer the only self-adjusting mouldboards on the market. They automatically adjust according to the snow load to move snow off the runway in the most efficient manner.

The aggressive 45 degree cutting edge angle is unique to the VAMMAS P-series ploughs. The VAMMAS P-series ploughs are designed to support high-speed operations and produce a low (flat) profile at normal operating speeds of up to 60km/h.

The individually segmented cutting edges reduce impacts and allow these ploughs to travel over in-built lighting without causing any damage to the lights.

Mouldboard width: 9,000 mm

Working Width 37 degrees: 6,709 mm

Share Cutting Length: 1,400 mm

Share Units: 6 pcs

Caster Wheels: 4 pcs, tires 180/70 RB

Weight: 1,550 kg

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