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Is it time to take a health check on your GSE?

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With the COVID-19 pandemic causing the aviation industry to come to a grinding halt, global air traffic is down by 70%, major airlines are forced to park hundreds of their aircraft, and subsequently, ground handlers are stuck with unused GSE.

While it is very daunting now, we know our industry will eventually bounce back. The question is, once everything bounces back, will your GSE fleet be ready to bounce back along with it?

This leaves us with a thought…perhaps now is a great time to complete a health check of your parked GSE, figure out which pieces to retire, which pieces to replace, and which pieces to refurbish.

At Fortbrand, we care about the well-being of our customers’ GSE and have customized different product offerings to maximize efficiency of their existing fleet.

Here is how we can help:

1. Trade-Into-Lease

You’ve identified some equipment that you no longer wish to keep in your fleet but aren’t exactly sure if you want to liquidate that, park it in a graveyard for spare parts, or scrap it all together. One thing to consider is Fortbrand’s Trade-Into-Lease. With this option, Fortbrand will provide you with a trade-in value against the lease of replacement equipment.

2. Refurbishment-Re-Lease

You have identified some of your company owned equipment that is mid-life and ready for refurbishment. With Fortbrand’s Refurbishment-Re-Lease program, Fortbrand will buy back your equipment, pay to refurbish it by a vendor of your choosing, and re-lease the like-new refurbished piece of equipment back to you.

3. Spec Order – Standard Lease

You have identified a need to add additional new equipment to your fleet. Fortbrand has great relationships with all the major GSE manufacturers and will work on your behalf to source new equipment meeting your standard specifications and lease it back to you.

4. Gap-Stop Rentals

You may be paying to refurbish equipment using working capital, but do not have enough back up equipment during the refurbishment process. Not to worry. Fortbrand carries a large array of new and used GSE inventory ready for short-term rent during those gaps.

Fortbrand Advantage

For over 35 years, Fortbrand has been providing rentals, leases, and outright sale of new and used GSE. Collectively, our team of experts has over 150 years of aviation and financial experience. We understand your challenges and needs and are committed to becoming your complete source for GSE financial solutions.

Click here to learn more about the Fortbrand Advantage. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and becoming a valuable resource and business partner!