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Did you know there are many benefits to leasing GSE?

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During the unprecedented times we are facing in our industry, now more so than ever, we are seeing a spike in requests from airports, airlines, cargo handlers, FBOs, and ground handlers, to lease them their GSE and Airport Maintenance Equipment.

While each customer’s challenges and needs are unique, one thing is certain, for a low monthly lease payment, they can all experience certain benefits from leasing their GSE vs. that of outright ownership.

Here are the top five reasons to lease:

1. Minimizing your risk

Having the ability to purchase new equipment is what we all want, but what happens to your equipment at the end of your contract if not renewed? What happens if flight patterns change and you no longer need the equipment? What happens if your equipment is needed for back-up purposes only, or only used seasonally? What happens in the face of a shut down? We may think we know the answers to these questions, but one thing is certain- things change. Leasing your equipment places 100% of the risk of ownership on the leasing company, while providing you with flexibility and beneficial use of your mission critical equipment for a low periodic payment.

2. Flexible Options

When it comes to needing GSE, our customers are faced with two types of needs: Unplanned and Planned GSE requirements. Fortbrand provides our customers with short-term or long-term customized lease options:

  • Terms ranging from 3 Months to 10 Years
  • Large GSE lease credit lines to be used for spec orders
  • Manufacturer neutral
  • Seasonal Lease
  • Sale Lease Backs
  • Sale Lease Back/Refurbishment Financing
3. Increased Working Capital

“Cash is King”. “It takes money to make money”. We have all heard these phrases, and it is true for any size business, that having access to working capital is the lifeblood for any business to thrive. For a low monthly payment, and without any money down, customers who lease their mission critical costly GSE, free up working capital necessary to sustain and grow their business for a successful future.

5. Newer Equipment – Better Reputation – Greater Market Share

You have worked hard to build your brand and reputation. Delays caused by equipment failures puts your company’s brand and reputation at risk. Leasing newer GSE provides you with access to better equipment, therefore less equipment failures, happier employees, reduction in service delays, lower breakdown maintenance costs, increased brand reputation, and access to new customers and additional market share.

Fortbrand Advantage

For over 35 years, Fortbrand has been providing rentals, leases, and outright sale of new and used GSE. Collectively, our team of experts has over 150 years of aviation and financial experience. We understand your challenges and needs and are committed to becoming your complete source for GSE financial solutions.

Click here to learn more about the Fortbrand Advantage. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and becoming a valuable resource and business partner!