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Introducing Fortbrand’s Power by the Hour Cargo Loader Lease Program

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Getting the maximum ROI out of your Cargo Loader’s, has a lot to do with the method of procurement. Traditionally Airlines, Ground Handlers, Cargo Handlers, FBO’s, and Airports, had two options: 1. Pay for equipment using their working capital, 2. Lease or rent equipment for a fixed payment. With ongoing changes to flight schedules, customer demands, and the need to preserve working capital, one must decide if these methods of procurement are still able to provide them with the maximum ROI, or if it is time to seek another option all together? What if you could pay only for the hours that you intend to use the cargo loader?

Fortbrand is committed to helping our customers maximize their success, and that is why we created a Power by the Hour Cargo Loader Lease Program. This program guarantees that our customers will only pay for the hours that they use, ultimately providing them with the greatest return on investment.

How it works

In six simple steps, Fortbrand can provide you with a Power by the Hour proposal for your new Cargo Loader:

  • Step 1: Customer identifies type of Cargo Loaders, desired term, desired daily usage (base # of hours needed, i.e.- 2 hours per day), and equipment location.
  • Step 2: Fortbrand provides the customer with their customized power by the hour lease proposal.
  • Step 3: Fortbrand is awarded the lease and completes formal credit review.
  • Step 4: Fortbrand issues the lease documentation.
  • Step 5: Customer provides Fortbrand with executed agreement.
  • Step 6: Fortbrand delivers the new Cargo Loader(s) and commences lease contract.

Benefits of Fortrand’s Power by the Hour Cargo Loader Program

There are many benefits to Fortbrand’s Power by the Hour Cargo Loader Program:

  • You only pay for what you use.
  • Access to NEW Cargo Loaders for a small percentage of the original equipment cost.
  • With no down payments required, and a low monthly payment, you will preserve your working capital for more strategic business initiatives.  
  • Custom tailored payment plan to match your customer contract, with flexibility at the end of term.
  • Fortbrand’s single investor capital structure provides our customers with greater flexibility, ease of doing business, and transparency, while placing 100% of the risk on us.
  • Fortbrand owns a captive return facility and maintenance shop.

Fortbrand Advantage

For over 35 years, Fortbrand has been providing rentals, leases, and outright sale of new and used GSE. Collectively our team of experts has over 150 years of aviation and financial experience. We understand your challenges and needs and are committed to becoming your complete source for GSE financial solutions.

If you would like to learn more about the Fortbrand Advantage and how we can work together to help you achieve your goals, and become a valuable resource and business partner please click here.