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Did you know a sale lease back program can help you free up working capital?


A sale lease back is an arrangement in which a company sells a company owned asset, and leases back the same asset from the purchaser. The most common users of sale lease backs are companies with high cost fixed assets, like property, land, or expensive equipment (GSE).

Companies utilize sale lease backs when they need to utilize the cash they originally invested in an asset for other purposes, but they still need the asset itself to operate their business.

Fortbrand Services is committed to helping our customers with their GSE financial needs, one way in which we are doing that is through Fortbrand’s state of the art GSE Sale Lease Back program offer.

We have designed our program to be straight forward, and in 6 steps you can be on your way to freeing up working capital.

  • Step 1: Customer identifies their company owned GSE to be sold.
  • Step 2: Fortbrand provides the customer with a budgetary lease option based on a 36-month through 84-month lease term.
  • Step 3: Fortbrand is awarded the lease and completes formal credit review/desktop appraisal.
  • Step 4: Fortbrand issues the lease documentation.
  • Step 5: Customer provides Fortbrand with executed agreement
  • Step 6: Fortbrand commences lease, begins invoicing, and releases payment to customer.

There are many benefits to working with Fortbrand as opposed to a traditional lender.

  • Fortbrand has a single investor capital structure providing greater flexibility, ease of doing business, and transparency.
  • Fortbrand owns our captive return facility and maintenance shop.
  • We understand the nature of our customers contracts and how they operate.

Fortbrand Advantage

For over 35 years, Fortbrand has been providing rentals, leases, and outright sale of new and used GSE. Collectively our team of experts has over 150 years of aviation and financial experience. We understand your challenges and needs and are committed to becoming your complete source for GSE financial solutions.

Click here to learn more about the Fortbrand Advantage. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and becoming a valuable resource and business partner!