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Unique Times Calls for Unique Measures

Mulag Orbiter 12 D cargo loader

To increase aircraft utilization and respond to increased shipping demands, commercial airlines have been converting their idle passenger aircraft into cargo aircraft.

While this sounds easy to do, standard belt loaders are not capable of reaching the main deck.

Not to worry, Fortbrand Services is the United States representative for the Mulag Orbiter 12 D, a unique belt loader designed specifically to load provisions on many of the Navy’s battleships, destroyers, and cruisers. It can reach just about all heights of wide body aircraft.

What makes the Orbiter 12 D different?

The Orbiter 12D is much larger than standard belt loaders and is capable of reaching the sill height of just about all wide body passenger aircraft. The bed length is 42 feet and the conveyor can reach a height of 19.5 feet. The belt can handle 330lbs on a single load.

For more information about renting, leasing, or purchasing the Orbiter 12 D, or any other GSE, please reach out to your Fortbrand Sales Representative today.

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