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The Wille 465 is the most popular environmental management machine in its weight category. Although compact in size, the Wille 465 has a lot of the properties of the larger machines, and even long days will not make you feel tired.
The cabin is spacious and visibility in all directions from the operator’s seat is excellent. The load sensing hydraulics and proportionally controlled cylinder hydraulics makes your work
even more comfortable.
Compared to its predecessor, the extended wheelbase improves the machine’s stability and tipping load. With this Wille machine you can perform your building management tasks both in urban areas and outside in an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way.

COMFORT AND CONTROL – Ergonomic, comfortable, good visibility – The operator has free visibility towards the work attachment in the front, and it is easy for him/her to see around through the side and rear windows.

CONTROL – Easy-to-use multi-purpose display keeps you up to date. It guides the operator clearly, telling about the functions of the machine and potential exceptional situations.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Willie 465 is equipped with an engine that meets the latest emissions standards. Together with an efficiently operating hydraulic system it makes the machine more environmentally friendly and economic than its predecessors.

ECONOMIC – Wille 465 has Automatic Eco Drive as standard feature, which reduces fuel consumption and noise.

MULTI TASK – Wille’s work attachments can be connected to the front or to the rear and on top of the motor hood.

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