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Seasoned Industry Executive Salvatore Calvino Joins Fortbrand Services LLC

With over forty years of experience in the Aviation Services Industry, Salvatore Calvino will help lead Fortbrand’s strategic growth. Mr. Calvino started his first Aviation Service Company in 1985 at Logan International Airport, Boston. Continuing his career in the aviation service business in 1999, Mr. Calvino invested in a variety of aviation service companies. At first focusing on cargo handling services, both warehouse and aircraft, he then branded the business to Quantem Aviation Services, During the next ten years, Mr. Calvino’s aviation business expanded to twenty airports throughout the U.S. In 2008, Mr. Calvino purchased Integrated Deicing Services (IDS), whose state-of-the-art de-icing equipment helped them become an industry leader. Over the next seven years, IDS operations expanded beyond the U.S. to several airports in Europe. In 2015, Mr. Calvino sold his companies to a strategic buyer which by then had grown to more than 4,200 employees after starting from a small enterprise of 40 employees.

“The experience of building Quantem and IDS was an extremely exciting time in my career,” said Salvatore Calvino. “The privilege of working with such a great team of employees is one that I will always appreciate. I get the same feeling when I think of working with the people at Fortbrand. I have known of Fortbrand since it began over 35 years ago, and I look forward to helping them grow into an industry leader in the aviation equipment market”

About Fortbrand Services LLC

Fortbrand Services is a leading provider of ground support and airfield maintenance equipment to the global aviation industry. Fortbrand’s Ground Support Equipment business provides sales, sale lease back, leasing and short-term rentals of mission critical ground support equipment to airlines, ground handling companies and fixed base operators. The Company’s Airfield Maintenance Equipment business distributes snow removal and maintenance equipment to airports. For over three decades, Fortbrand has met the needs of airlines, airport operators, fixed-base operators and ground handling companies, serving as a single source solution for equipment needs. Fortbrand is based in Plainview, NY and has a branch in Sastamala, Finland.