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Fortbrand Services Continues to Provide Electrification Solutions for our Partners.

By Mike Trochalakis

Fortbrand Services is dedicated to doing its part in providing electric GSE solutions for our business partners’ electrification initiatives. There is no better example than our most recent experience.

Our partner requested numerous bag tractors for their operation. Fortbrand’s sales and technical team worked hand-in/hand with them to understand the current environmental conditions, charging infrastructure, and airport requirements.

It was determined that a lithium-ion product was the most advantageous for this request. However, the charging infrastructure could not support the smart charger required for lithium-ion. It was also determined that the timeline was not in our favor to upgrade their charging infrastructure.

This is where Fortbrand’s innovativeness and nimbleness came into play. We did not say to our partner – “Sorry, we cannot help you until you work with the airport and upgrade your infrastructure.” We provided alternative technology, said Fortbrand Services, senior vice president, GSE Mike Trochalakis.

These are the scenarios where our sales expert, Nicole Romeo, and the technical team led by our maintenance director, Shawn Love, shine!

Working together with our other business partner, we installed an Averest-Flux Power 80V Lithium-Ion dual pack battery providing 420AH with a new 6.6kW onboard charger. Along with modifying the bag tractors’ charge port to not only accept the standard smart charging device but now the tractor can be charged with a power supply utilizing the standard J1772 charge port. As we understand it, we have modified the first of its kind within this specific application.

This is the dedication of Fortbrand Services and the innovative applications we provide for our partners. Our team collectively works through challenges to find a way to say “YES,” said Fortbrand Services, President Jared Verano.

We are ready to serve you with your eGSE needs. Whether it’s new, refurbished, upgraded, or converted, Fortbrand is an eGSE solution.

image of Flux power source
Instruction label on electric power source