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Vammas SB4500 Snow Plow

Vammas PSB 4500

The Vammas SB (Sweeper Blower) 4500 tow-behind allows the customer to realize the benefits of Vammas technology, while using any chassis it desires.  A P7000 plow, hitch, fifth wheel mount, in-cab control panel and counter weights are all provided as part of the package to be used in conjunction with the selected chassis.  

The Vammas SB 4500 is very capable of increasing the production of any airfield’s snow removal operation.  The combination Plow, Sweeper, Blower ensures maximum performance is achieved on every pass, while operating at speeds of 37mph (60km/h). 

The Vammas SB 4500 has a quick detach plow and a transporting broom, which allow the Vammas to be stored in any maintenance facility or transported on public roads.  The one C-11 Caterpillar engine provides 420hp for sweeper power supply.  The 46in (1170mm) diameter broom rotates at maximum of 720 rpm.  The air blast folds down from the body of the Vammas SB 4500, producing air speed in excess of 250mph on the surface.

Vammas SB4500 Snow Plow

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